Highway 1 is NOW OPEN from the NORTH
 Effecting Kirk Creek, Plaskett Creek, and Limekiln State Park CAMPGROUNDS. Also Willow Creek, Sanddollar, Mill Creek and Pfieffer Beach DAY USE AREAS.
Highway 1 is NOW OPEN from the North.  Vehicles can access these campgrounds from the North using Highway 1.  A closure is still in place on Highway from the south and accessible by vehicle from Nacimiento/Ferguson Road.
Please use a map to check your route before traveling.


PARTS  of Ojai, Santa Barbara, and Mt. Pinos Ranger Districts are CLOSED

Due to the Thomas Fire Forest Order issued by the U.S. Forest Service. Affected Facilities in these Districts managed by Parks Management Company listed below: Please check back for updates. (update:3/16/18)  

Ojai District Santa Barbara District Mt. Pinos District
Wheeler Gorge CG
Holiday Gr CG
Middle Lion CG
Pine Mountain CG
Reyes Peak CG
Rose Valley CG
Upper Oso CG
Upper Oso TH
Day Use Areas Past   First Crossing
McGill CG & Gr CG
Mt. Pinos CG
Campo Alto CG & Gr CG
Chuchupate CG


La Panza Campground is CLOSED

Due to new toilets at La Panza Campground. Excavation work will begin 11/14 for La Panza Campground. They will take approximately 3 weeks for the decommissioning and installation of the toilet buildings. The cement work will take another week once they are installed. So we are looking at approximately 4 weeks total.  The campground is closed until the construction is completed. Once we get a firm date for completion,  we will update here. The Forest Service is getting close to wrapping it up as the new buildings are in and in final inspections now.  (update 2/21/18)

Botchers Gap

Botchers Gap is still under a temporary closure. We will update and post updates here. (update 2/21/18)