Reyes Peak Campground


Reyes Peak Campground at an elevation of 7,000 is situated along the southwest side of a ridge and consists of six campsites.  Each campsite contains a table, BBQ grill, and a fire ring. There is one pit toilet located near the first few campsites. No water is available at Reyes Peak. Make sure you bring plenty of water for your stay.

Reyes Peak Campground is surrounded by Jeffrey Pines, Sugar Pines, White Fir and Little Ponderosa Pines.

The campground provides breathtaking views of the area. You can see the Cuyama Badlands on one side and the ocean from the other side. On clear days you can even see some of the Channel Islands!

Points of Interest  There are a couple of trails leaving Reyes Peak. Chorro Grande Trail is located at the gate just past the last campsite. It will lead you south to Chorro Springs before dropping down to Highway 33. The distance is 5 miles. The climb back up is very steep.  Raspberry Spring Trail will lead you north on a short one-half mile walk through the pines. It is a moderately steep hike. It starts at the parking area on the western edge of the campground. Drive past the gate at the end of the paved road and you will end up at Reyes Peak Trailhead. The Reyes Peak Trail ((23W04) is moderately difficult. It leads eastward into the Sespe Wilderness for 5.8 miles to the Gene Marshall-Piedra Blanca National Recreation Trail (22W03). Remember, no mountain bikes are allowed in the wilderness.

Vegetation You will find Jeffrey pine, sugar pine, and white fir trees at these campgrounds. Along the outskirts, you’ll notice chaparral species. These species include manzanita and California sage. You may also see some scrub oak.

Wildflowers are abundant in the spring and early summer. They are something to see! You will be dazzled by lupine, false lupine, scarlet bugler, and many others.

Wildlife Keep your eyes open for red-tailed hawks soaring above the trees. If you are lucky, you may see a California condor! Other birds in the area include woodpeckers and chickadees. Deer, bear, and coyote also live in the area.

** As of November 1, 2016, the Reyes Peak Campground will no longer be an Adventure Pass campground.

This site will be managed by the Parks Management for the Forest Service.

  • $20/night for camping,
  • $10 per vehicle.

Day use fee (within the campground) is $10 per vehicle or you can purchase and use the Parks Management Pass for $50 (day use only).


Reyes Peak Campground (Click for Google Maps Directions)

Pine Mountain Ridge Rd

Maricopa, CA 93252