Pine Mountain Campground


Pine Mountain Campground is nestled in a small valley along the top of Pine Mountain and consists of six campsites fashioned in a circle with a large open area in the middle. There are tables, BBQ grills or fire rings, and one pit toilet at this campground.  Water is not available so please bring your own water.  The campground is surrounded by moderate hills and is a quiet place for relaxing. At an elevation of 6650 feet, it offers cooler temperatures on hot summer days.

Points of Interest  From Pine Mountain you are free to explore the area on your own. There is one designated trail in the area Boulder Canyon (23W03). You may also want to walk around the surrounding hills to see the views and the trees. You can pick out which trees are Jeffrey pines by the scent of the bark. If you put your noise close to the bark, you’ll smell vanilla!

Vegetation You will find Jeffrey pine, sugar pine, and white fir trees at these campgrounds. Along the outskirts, you’ll notice chaparral species. These species include manzanita and California sage. You may also see some scrub oak.

Wildflowers are abundant in the spring and early summer. They are something to see! You will be dazzled by lupine, false lupine, scarlet bugler, and many others.

Wildlife  Keep your eyes open for red-tailed hawks soaring above the trees. If you are lucky, you may see a California condor! Other birds in the area include woodpeckers and chickadees. Deer, bear, and coyote also live in the area.

**As of November 1, 2016, the Pine Mountain Campground will no longer be an Adventure Pass campground. This site will be managed by the Parks Management for the Forest Service.  

  • $20/night for camping,
  • $10 per extra vehicle.

Day use fee (within the campground) is $10 per vehicle or you can purchase and use the Parks Management Pass for $50 (day use only).


Pine Mountain Campground (Click for Google Maps Directions)

Pine Mountain Ridge Road

Maricopa, CA 93252