First-come, First-Served (FF)

All of our PMC campgrounds contain at least a few FCFS/FF Sites. 
The majority of questions we receive are in regards to these sites.

First-come, First-served sites are not reservable. We can not hold a FF site.
We can not promise a FF site will be available when you get there.
If a campground offers FF sites, it does not mean FF sites will always be available.
There is only a limited supply, and they usually sell out.

Please register with camp host upon entry.
Please don’t simply take a FF site as your own as it may already be occupied!

FF Sites fill up quickly on weekends and holidays. Weekdays are easier to secure a site.
If you are planning on camping at a first-come, first-served site, please allow for back-up plans if no sites are available.

We are not able to update our guests once first-come, first-served sites are taken. 
Most of our campgrounds do NOT have available or reliable cell phone/internet service to update websites with their availability.

How do you secure a first-come, first-served campsite then?
We ask that you arrive to the campground by 2PM.
Your entire group does not need to be present, just one person to represent the group. 
By 2PM the campground host will have a good understanding of who is leaving, and what is available for you.

Once you secure a FF site, you have the first priority to ask to stay the next night, and again the next day..

First-come, First-served may remind you of  boondocking or free camping. 
FCFS/FF  for PMC campgrounds are more specifically to have availability at campgrounds that book up quickly due to reservations.

We understand that FCFS/FF sites can be confusing and frustrating.
Many of our campgrounds are popular and can book/sell out six months in advance.
FCFS/FF sites allow the last minute traveller a chance to still visit these popular campgrounds, and give everyone a chance to stay with us.

We Thank You For Camping with PMC. ❤️🏕