Notices and Closures


  • Aliso Trailhead
  • Arroyo Seco Campground, Day Use, and Gorge
  • Ballinger Campground OHV
  • Bottcher's Gap
  • Campo Alto
  • Cerro Alto Campground & DUA
  • China Camp
  • Chuchupate
  • Davy Brown Campground
  • Escondido
  • Falls DUA
  • Figueroa Campground
  • First Crossing DUA
  • Fremont
  • Holiday Group
  • Kirk Creek
  • La Panza
  • Lake Isabella / Kern River KOA
  • Limekiln *Trails Closed
  • Live Oak DUA
  • Los Prietos Campground
  • Lower Oso DUA
  • McGill
  • Memorial *
  • Middle Lion
  • Mill Creek DUA
  • Mt. Fig
  • Mt. Pinos
  • Navajo Flat
  • Nacimiento Campground *
  • Nira Campground
  • Paradise
  • Pfeiffer Beach
  • Pine Mountain
  • Plaskett Creek
  • Ponderosa *
  • Red Rock TH DUA
  • Red Rock DUA
  • Reyes Creek
  • Reyes Peak
  • Rose Valley
  • Sage Hill
  • Sand Dollar DUA
  • Sandstone DUA
  • Turkey Flat
  • Upper Oso TH
  • Upper Oso
  • Wheeler Gorge
  • White Oak
  • White Rock DUA
  • Willow Creek DUA


  • Botcher's gap
  • Davy Brown
  • Escondido
  • Fremont
  • Los Prietos Campground
  • Nira
  • Paradise
  • Red Rock DUA

Additional Notices

Los Padres National Forest Alerts & Closures​

 * Boil water notice is in effect for the following campgrounds: Paradise, Fremont, Los Prietos, Upper Oso, Sage Hill Group, White rock DUA, First Crossing DUA, Lower Oso DUA. Please bring all potable water with you for your stay and boil any water you may consume from camp spigots.

* Limekiln Trails are still closed and being repaired as of 9/2021. 

*Davy Brown Campground and Nira Campground are closed from 7/25/2021 - 3/30/2022 for USFS repairs.

* Ponderosa, Memorial, and Nacimiento Campground: ONLY accessible only from the 101 side of Big Sur.  Highway 1/Nacimiento Fergusson road access to Ponderosa and Nacimiento Campgrounds is CLOSED. You can only access these campgrounds from the Highway 101 side. 



Forest Service Emergency Closures:  U.S. Forest Service has issued alerts and notices of said forests in Pacific Southwest Region:
a. Inyo National Forest, b. Sierra National Forest, c. Sequoia National Forest, d. Stanislaus National Forest, e. Los Padres National Forest, f. Angeles National Forest, g. San Bernardino National Forest, h. Cleveland National Forest

Bottchers Gap
Bottchers Gap is still under a temporary closure.

Pfieffer Beach
The facility access is subject to river levels at crossing just prior to the facility. During and after large rain events there is a high chance of the crossing being closed.

Please check your route before traveling