Many trails at Cerro Alto have sections of extreme elevation changes –  

in some places several hundred feet in less than a mile. These are multi-use trails and we need to expect to encounter other traffic, especially on Bridge and Canyon Trails (control downhill speed).To avoid conflicts and help keep these trails open to cyclists…

Please Be Couteous and Considerate of Other Trail Users.
get informed and get involved

for those who can use it, we have provided a printable Acrobat .pdf of this Map…

Follow the Three Cs of
Off Road Riding Etiquette

know your own limits and stay within them, be ready to stop for unexpected conditions, and please,


slow to a walking pace when
passing others, and practice the universal back-country rule of giving uphill traffic the right-of-way


most multi-use tracks are not the place to practice racing techniques – save the speed for trails you KNOW are closed to other traffic